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Products I want to try!

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Here are some products from Sephora.com and MAC that I will hopefully be testing out next time I'm there. I've been reading reviews from around the web as well as MakeupAlley to gauge what might actually be worth the money or not. Here's what I've found:

NVEY Eco Organic Erase: Concealer
This product's reviews seem to be pretty good, the only real complaint being the fact that it originally only came in one shade "neutral", but now it appears to come in "medium" also on the Sephora website. Apparently it is a very smooth-wearing, organic concealer that is anything but cakey. It also contains Vitamin E and a combination of safflower, jojoba, natural antioxidants and organic castor oils. It's exciting because it's organic too! Sephora suggests using this product sparingly as "a little goes a long way". I'm used to this motto as well as this price range (it runs about $30), because my current HG concealer is Amazing Concealer by Amazing Cosmetics.

On10 Lip Balms
Aside from the Sephora website, I can find little/no information on this brand or their products... which makes me all the more curious! Since I have recently realized the practicality of balms vs. gloss, these are really appealing to me because of their cute (I know, I'm a sucker) packaging! It's not all judging a book by it's cover though, because apparently these "rich and efficacious" novelty lip balms will leave your lips moisturized, as well as great smelling and tasting. The balms run about $9-10 for a single, and there are also trios for $16 with three different flavors. Each come in adorably packaged vintage-inspired tins (although there is one in tube format for those who don't like using the pots) in flavors like Dr. Pepper, Schweppes, and Hershey's.

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish
Ok, I am going to admit something pretty big here: I have yet to try out one of MAC's Mineralize Skinfinishes. I know, I know. Obviously, while they were not in stores, I was aching for the day that they would re-release these mineral powders. That day arrived maybe a month ago when the N Collection came out. I have been meaning to go in there just to try out their MSF in Warmed, a bronzer/highlight shade with golden undertones... but I've been holding back from the temptation to dish out the measly $24.50, because I have MAC Vanilla Pigment (golden undertones) and I have my HG Bronzer (Revlon New Complexion - Sun). In my mind, owning these two products relinquishes the need for the MSF in Warmed. So then, the other MSF they released was Light Flush, a shade of highlighting pink. I have a small container of Tony & Tina's Cosmetic (discontinued) in a shade that I would assume is similar. So that is what keeps me from looking at the MSFs. I don't want to go there and buy a color I might already have... I'm being practical, for once. They still draw me in though. Maybe one day.

Have you tried any of these products? Feel free to leave a comment!


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