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SWAV Loves: Brazilian Jeans!

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If you don't know what Brazilian or "Brazilian Moleton" jeans are, chances are you've probably seen them before without thinking twice about them. Usually they are worn by girls that look like they often go clubbing (because the way the fabric is made allows for extreme stretch and comfort for movement -- such as dancing) and girls who like to wear skin-tight clothing. Ok, I know what you're thinking... "My body isn't perfect so there is no way in hell I can squeeze into some skin-tight, side slit, rhinestone encrusted jeans, thank you very much". Just hear me out... first off, Brazilian jeans come in modest styles too! Second, and probably more importantly, you don't have to have a supermodel Brazilian body (see: Adriana Lima) to fit into these pants. These jeans can flatter almost any body, speaking from personal experience of course!

I have a high natural waist, wider middle, and narrow hips. This is like the worst shape ever for finding jeans. Anything that fits in the hips/legs is way too tight in the waist and anything that fits in the waist is super baggy in the legs. You can imagine my delight, maybe a year ago, when I stumbled upon Vanilla Jeans (not to be confused with Vanilla Star Jeans) at my local Joyce Leslie. These pants (they had black one and white ones, not actually "traditional denim jeans") fit me perfectly. I couldn't even believe it, especially because from what I knew, Brazilian jeans were made for people with little waists and wider hips. Apparently, they flatter all body types... which is why YOU should try them, too!

They are made of a super-soft stretchy material that is thicker than leggings but they feel like super stretchy sweatpants shaped to look like nice pants or jeans... as in, they have back pockets and a button/zipper closure. But the best part is, you can wash them and throw them in the dryer, and they will not shrink on you. Purchasing these at Joyce Leslie, I assumed they would fall apart on me or shrink down to nothing with just a couple washes. This was not the case, at all. They will stretch out a little with wear, but after washing they are right back to their original size... amazing! I wear these pants quite often, and they are still going strong!

These jeans are sized by XS, S, M, L, XL. Personally, I like that better than the numbers. I recommend these pants to anyone who has trouble finding jeans/pants that "fit right". Unlike traditional jeans, these pants "give" and flatter beyond any typical stretch denim.

I thought I had found the last of these jeans at Joyce Leslie, as there is nowhere online to purchase them or a website at all. Until today, when I looked through the display window of EPIC DESIGNS, a clothing store in my local mall, and saw a table piled high with Vanilla Jeans for $19.99 each. Oh my God, you should've seen how fast I ran in there and grabbed these pants. I bought one "skinny" pair in a taupey-grey, and another bootcut with a double button closure at the top in an electric blue. They had a similar brand there as well, Beverly, that fit similarly and were made of the same material. You have to try them to believe it, really, so get to it ladies!

Disclaimer: Some of these jeans come overly rhinestoned/detailed and in unattractive light washes. These pants are NOT the type of jeans I am suggesting! These pants come in darker washes, more flattering colors, and pleasant shades as well... it just takes a bit of searching to find them.

Double disclaimer: I would love to have linked all these sites but as far as I can tell, these stores (Epic Designs, Vanilla Jeans, Beverly) are not on the web yet... if anyone has links to these brands/stores, please let me know. If you're an online shopper, try http://www.vocejeans.com, which has a nice selection of Brazilian jeans in all styles and sizes for around $50 a pop, or http://www.moda.com which has 'em for around $30 to $40... not bad for the best jeans ever!

Anonymous said...
February 4, 2008 at 8:07 PM  

I definitely agree---vanilla jeans are great, and they're made in peru. let me know if u find any other good sites that have them!

jeans said...
June 15, 2008 at 5:54 PM  

And dont forget http://www.groovyjeans.com sells exclusively brazilian jeans and south american denim

alexi said...
September 20, 2008 at 9:32 PM  

A lot of girls in my school wear pants called vanilla jeans in black or brownish (cuz we can't wear jeans)but i have no clue where they get them cuz the malls nearby don't have a store called epic designs or joyce leslie! by the way are the pants in the picture vanillas or some other brand?

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