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SWAV Loves: on10 Hershey's Almond Lip Balm SPF 15

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I finally went to Sephora to check out the items I wanted to try out! (As mentioned in this post)

I couldn't find the Nvey ECO concealer anywhere, but I did see the on10 lip balms neatly arranged by the registers. After eager testing, I decided on the on10 Hershey's Almond Lip Balm ($9), which smells like delicious almond cookies. The scent does not really stay on lips too long, so you won't get sick of it or be excessively tempted to lick it off.

Also, this balm is made with organic extra virgin olive oil, other organic oils and natural materials. It slicks on as a slick balm, not as runny as one that would be petroleum based, and not as hard as one made of cocoa butter. Good texture and sheen, I'm really happy with this purchase! Love the cute tin... a definite good replacement for my Smith's Rosebud Salve (which I was never in love with anyway)!
Anyone else love this product?


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