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Dr. Hauschka Cover Stick = Disappointment

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I currently use (and sort of love) Amazing Concealer by Amazing Cosmetics. It's not a perfect relationship. It covers up things very well, but I am never content with what I have and I believe that there is some better "miracle" product waiting out there for me. Hopefully, something that would be cheaper than the $40 Amazing. I was really looking for a creamy little jar of concealer with the coverage of Amazing. The creaminess was key. After seeing the Nvey ECO Concealer (I previously posted about, yet haven't gotten to Sephora yet!) and how the organic idea seemed so appealing, I took a trip to the makeup/skincare aisle of my local Whole Foods store, hoping to find my miracle.

After not seeing what I was looking for at all, I finally laid my eyes on Dr. Hauschka's Cover Stick. This product is marketed to be the most wonderful cover stick ever made. It looked perfect. It has all sorts of German writing all over the fancy-schmancy white and gold packaging, making you feel like you've spent your $20 wisely on this little imported stick.

The box reads: "Available in two shades, Dr.Hauschka Pure Care Cover Sticks can be used in place of a concealer to hide blemishes. When used at the first sign of a breakout, the special antibacterial formulation, containing Tea Tree and Manuka oils, helps to clarify the skin, while Anthyllis and Calendula support the skin's healing processes until the condition normalises." Sounds promising enough, right?

Wrong. For some reason, the tester in at Whole Foods was much better quality than the product I brought home! The product is not excessively creamy for some reason, and it has more of a dry, hard to spread consistency than I thought it would since the tester seemed very smooth. Also, the product has a strange patchouli potpourri odor (I won't call it a scent, that would be too pleasant), that I strongly dislike. It did not cover the imperfections I put it on, in fact, it only highlighted dry skin area on my face because of it's heavy, yet sheerish consistency.

The woman at Whole Foods tonight told me I could exchange it for another color if the one I bought was too dark on me. Well, it turns out that color is too light, and its the darkest they go... so it's going back. Negative, negative, negative, negative. (That's wrong color, wrong consistency, wrong scent, and wrong covering capability!) BAD. Do not buy.

Next I want to try FlowerColor Coverup by Ecco Bella. They have it at Dean's Natural Market for about $15. It has good reviews on MakeupAlley, or at least Ecco Bella's Natural Coverup does.

Regardless, it's back to Amazing I go for another day.


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