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Jumeau Handbags by Andramine!

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A few days ago, I was contacted by Rebecca from Andramine urging me to check out their Jumeau line of handbags and purses! I wanted to share with you all the Jumeau line and explain a little bit about it... so here goes! :)

Jumeau (website under contruction) is a brand extension of Andramine, a company which makes high quality, durable bags (such as F-Stop, their line of camera carrying cases and accessories). The Jumeau line targets a more fashionable, yet practical clientele who want something casual and durable that they can use in everyday life. All of the handbags in Jumeau's collection fit the bill on this, as they are made from quality materials and contain a huge assortment of pockets and compartments for storage throughout.

In their Fall/Winter line, which is out now, they have four distinct collections that can appeal to every girl's needs. The "Now" Collection is a trendy, cutting edge line that features Jumeau's take on practicality and fashion rolled into one. The "Institution" Collection uses rip-stop super-durable fabric to roll function and style into one extremely durable set of bags. These would be great for moms on the go, students, or anyone that needs a bag that will perform well under pressure.

If you want function, form and durability, with a 'lil style thrown in too, definitely check these out! I've personally tried out Jumeau bags from the Institution Collection and I think they are very good quality, efficient bags. Even the little ones are loaded with pockets and there truly is a place for everything inside! I also like that the bags are available in various color combinations so you can personalize them a bit. I would most likely compare them to LeSportSac or Kipling bags in style and functionality.

Also, available are the Commando and Green collections. The "Commando" Collection is available in various new-age camoflauge shades and is great for an on the go urban lifestyle. The "Green" Collection is a play on society's organic trend, focusing on raw, natural materials, like organic cotton and bamboo. Most of the collections have different style bags that are available in your choice of color combinations. To view their entire catalog, click this pdf.

These bags are available for purchase through various internet sites (just Google it) or you can order directly from the toll-free number on the catalog (prices range from $55 to $229). Happy shopping, ladies!


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