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Ten Do-It-Yourself Hair Dye Tips!

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A note from Nicole (the voice behind S.W.A.V.):

As an indecisive person, throughout highschool and early college, I experimented with many hair looks. From permed to chemically straightened, bangs, no bangs, layers, one length, too-short, and long with extensions, I've been there and done it all. Tonight I am dyeing my hair at home, a process I've done many times before... and I've decided to share with you some helpful hints.

Just as an intro, for those of you who don't know me personally, my hair has been every color under the sun. Bleach blond, various shades of red, highlights all over, black, brown, light brown, dark brown, you name it. I never ventured into the realm of blues, pinks, and other "non-traditional" colors, and I probably never will (just a personal preference).

[The one that shocks everyone the most is, and always has been, the blonde. Various Asian girls (I am half), such as Tila Tequila and others, are bottle blondes and it's not too shocking. This is a look that is debatable; some people think it looks good, others think it looks bad. That's me in the picture, by the way! I'm indifferent on it... I think it depends on the shade of blonde and the style. Regardless, from my days as a blonde, I noticed several things. I only dyed my hair blonde when I was feeling confident. I would bleach first, of course, and then neutralize with dye afterward. Damaging? Yes. Rewarding? Sometimes. I would hear the positive AND the negative reactions of those around me. I didn't give a f*ck. It was my hair, and I wanted to be blonde that month, or that week, or whatever. But alas, I've grown out of that stage for now.]

So anyway, here I am, the at-home dye expert, at your service. I am dye-ing my hair L'Oreal Preference 4R (Dark Auburn) tonight. I have yet to try this color, as I usually opt for Feria in Brilliant Bordeaux when I'm feelin' the red. Wish me luck, and feel free to leave comments/ask questions if you need help with your own hair-dye endeavors. Without further ado....

Ten Helpful Hair-dyeing tips!
  1. Always protect your area, skin, and clothes. I usually wear an old ratty tee shirt for this, and I take extra care to slather my skin (neck, ears, hairline) with Vaseline or Cold Cream... this prevents dye from seeping into your skin and staining you in these places. Don't learn the hard way!

  2. Also, if you have long hair, buy more than one box of dye. Better that you have it in the bathroom in case you run out of dye... just don't open it until you run out. If you don't use it, save it for when you do touch ups, or take it back to the store. Buy a shower cap also to put on your head as the color develops, holding your hair in.

  3. I usually will be dyeing my hair in the bathroom, so I put the instructions from the box into the sink, with the box in there as well. This provides an area for me to throw the empty bottles and gloves without staining the countertop. Usually, I will put the used bottles back into the hair dye box for easy removal.

  4. Prepare for the worst. I keep a damp washcloth on the counter while I am dyeing, in case I spill some dye (inevitable) on my arms or the floor, or wherever.

  5. Try not to spatter. Don't be careless with the dye, but make sure you evenly coat your hair. If you are running out of dye, take the cap off the bottle and pour the mixture directly onto your gloved hands to apply where needed. This method is also useful if you don't want to fumble with attached plastic "applicator combs" or any odd contraption. The main purpose of using dye is to coat all the hair you want dyed with it.

  6. Pile your hair on top of your head (don't use any metal clips or anything metal... the chemicals in the dye will react with it!), put on your shower cap when your color is developing and clean up the bathroom in the meantime. Take the gloves off carefully if you are going to be doing other things while the color develops, you'll want to put them on later for when you wash out the color.

  7. Keep a timer/clock/watch nearby, or if you will be moving around, be sure to keep track of time. You don't want to leave the dye in for too long, or worse, wash it out too early.

  8. If you have a lot of bottles in your shower, take them out before rinsing out your hair. If you don't the dye can get under the bottles and stain them (and possibly your shower!).

  9. Rinse your hair, and be sure to apply the provided conditioner AS SOON AS the water rinses clear. If you want to, you CAN shampoo your hair lightly at this point to wash away some of the dye if you are not doing a dramatic change and want a natural look. Otherwise (if you're going from blonde to brown, for instance), no poo for you.

  10. Rinse with cool water after washing out the conditioner to give your hair extra shine!

Bionic Beauty said...
February 11, 2008 at 8:09 PM  

A few comments:
-I find an old button down is easier than a T shirt since you can get it off without going over the dye in your hair.
-Professional color is better, longer lasting, and cheaper if you buy it at a beauty supply store (like Sally's) rather than the versions found in drugstores. Your hair will not be nearly as damaged and you'll end up with soft VERY shiny hair. And it lasts a good few weeks longer.

Just some thoughts. Good post!

Bionic Beauty

Shop With A Vengeance! said...
February 11, 2008 at 10:37 PM  

Thanks for the input, bionic beauty! You're right, an old button down would definitely be easier... I don't really have many button downs, which is why I didn't really think of it, but great suggestion!

Cool tip about the beauty supply store dye also!

the Muse said...
February 12, 2008 at 2:09 PM  

I don't dye my hair :) but I wanted to say you're gorgeous in that picture ;)

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