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SWAV Haul: The She Space!

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Oh my gosh! I am so excited, my pigment samples from The She Space arrived today!

Here's what I got:

About Face Pigments:
  • Driven By Instinct
  • Voluntary Mayhem
  • Lucky Charm
  • Chasing Rainbows
  • Lucifer's Chariot
  • Wasted Intrigue
  • Bubble and Burn
  • Vintage Advantage
  • No Scruples
  • Decadent Daydream
  • Glossy Moon
  • School Girl
  • Halos and Horns
About Face Lip Junk in "Bad Girl"

...andddd Heather of The She Space was so sweet she even sent me three extra pigments:
  • The Wildest Child
  • Dracula's Crying
  • That's so CAMP
All I can say is WOW, the colors are so vibrant and gorgeous, I can't wait to try them all out!! Did I mention the pigment samples were only $0.50 each?!

I'll be sure to post some looks in the upcoming week :)

"Limeade" Eye Look & Flirt! Plushious Lipcolor

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Today I am sharing with you an eye look called "Limeade"! Nothing in comparison to Vanessa's green look... but I suppose the subtlety makes it wearable and minimally shocking ;)


Here's what I used:
I've paired this with Flirt! Plushious Liquid Velvet Lipcolor in "Purple Passion" (sold at Kohl's) for a fun, colorful look. These glosses are very pigmented and shiny, and also fairly sticky!

Of course, a nude or matte lip might be more appropriate with such a bright eye, but I didn't feel like doing that right now. ;)

What do ya think? Let me know!

"Mauve Neutrals" Eye Look!

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Here's an eyeshadow look I did the other day. It's mainly neutrals but I spiked it with a little bit of mauve and shimmer. Take a look!


Here's what I used:
All shadows were applied with a damp brush.
Any questions or comments, feel free to post!

SWAV Haul: L'Oreal Lip & Nail BOGO at Walgreens!

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Bargain Finds

Hello my lovelies! Today I picked up a few things at Walgreens, as they were having a Buy-One-Get-One on L'Oreal nail polishes and lip colors! I can't resist a deal, hehe. Here's what I got!


L'Oreal Paris Nail Polish in "How Romantic" and "Breaking Curfew". I was in dire need for new polishes, for my toes of course... and I loved these two shades. Particularly the darker one, because it's such a rich color with no shimmer! Can't wait to try 'em out.

I also bought L'Oreal Infallible Never Fail Lipgloss in "Dulce De Leche" and "Undeniable Mauve"! A girl can never have too many lipglosses, right? I particularly like Undeniable Mauve, because it is so smooth and wearable. It just feels good, especially because there are no sparkles or shimmer particles in it. But the other shade is a nice nude-y neutral so that is good too.

I tried them on for ya'll... what do you think?

loreal-infallible-d <-------Dulce De Leche Undeniable Mauve---> loreal-infallible-u

I know, I know, I definitely have these colors elsewhere... but what can I say, I'm always attracted to the same colors! Does this happen to anyone else?

Rachel Zoe's Piperlime Picks!

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Stylist Rachel Zoe has chosen her "picks" out of the shoes available at Piperlime. The prices range from reasonable, like around $80, to crazy-expensive (over $500).

Some of her choices are, well, somewhat unimaginative... or maybe her imagination was running a little too wild on them, actually. If her imagination is stuck in 1991, that would certainly explain it. Other choices were cuter, a lot cuter.

Here are the highlights:

Some of Rachel's best choices!

(Giuseppe Zanotti - E80211, Emilio Pucci - 783997, Matt Bernson - Gladiator)

What was she thinking?

(Salvador Sapena - 28644, Bettye Muller - Cruise, Corso Como - Glenn)

So, if an explanation is needed, here is why I don't appreciate all of Rachel Zoe's footwear choices. I don't like to rag on anyone tooooo often, so I'll keep this section short. I don't dig the geometric block patterns when they are done in an overly "early '90s" way. I also don't like box-y toes with square flat heels. I don't like things that are cheap if they LOOK cheap. Just my humble opinion, of course.

But, there are some things that I applaud her for choosing. I LOVE these sky-high Pucci wedges, I think they are to die for... and at $680, you know someone is close to death for thinking up those prices! The little stripe numbers have been a staple of mine on Polyvore for quite some time, I just think they are so wearable... and the gladiator sandals are pretty cute, for gladiator sandals.

All in all, not a bad job by Rachel Zoe. Check out the rest on Piperlime if you get a chance!

DermaKlear Enzymatic Therapy Akne Treatment

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Sorry I've been post-free for a few days! I've been under the weather, but I'm back and better now!

I'm posting today to talk about yet another Whole Foods find, DermaKlear Enzymatic Therapy Akne Treatment. If you're like me and traditional cleansers like Clean & Clear and Neutrogena have left you less than "under control", then perhaps you should look into DermaKlear! The sulfur content, 5%, in this soap is highly effective in cleansing the pores, limiting whiteheads and blackheads, and most importantly controlling acne. According to Wikipedia, sulfur acts as a mild reducing and antibacterial agent. In fact, sulfur has been an effective treatment for acne for quite some time... and for just around $6. this soap containing 5% sulfur is definitely a good buy.

I won't go as far as to call it a miracle product, but it's proven effective if used twice a day. If you have even moderate or minimal acne, this will get your skin in shape! There are a lot less additives than traditional acne soaps... but since there are no added fragrances, you will smell the sulfur a little bit. Since it's a bar soap, it can be a little bit drying, so make sure to moisturize extra well afterwards. I apply some Benzoyl Peroxide (10%) afterward, and then moisturize with 1/2 Pure Aloe Vera Gel and 1/2 Pure Glycerin. It seems to be working pretty well, as I've been doing this for a little over two weeks now.

Make sure you don't get this product in your eyes! It really stings!

If you like the sound of this product, DermaKlear also offers an AkneZyme line of vitamins and herbal supplements to go along with the regimine, mainly focusing on Vitamins A, C, B and Zinc. Although I have not tried the supplements, I have been taking a probiotic, which might be another reason why my skin is clearing up.

Regardless, check out the DermaKlear because it really works!

SWAV Loves: CoverBlend by Exuviance

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After that awful Dr. Hauschka incident, my concealer search is finally over. Pretty big statement, admittedly, but I am absolutely in love with CoverBlend and I don't care who knows it!

The full name is a little long though, CoverBlend by Exuviance (NeoStrata): Multi-Function Concealer SPF 15. Try saying that 5 times fast!

The generally unassuming box (normally I am attracted toward flashier packaging, so this was purely a stroke of luck) claims, "Anti-aging treatment concealer with UVA/UVB protection; Non-creasing, Natural-looking, All day wear" followed by "Physician Recommended" and inside they also state that the brand is "Dermatologist developed" and that they do no animal testing. Sounds too good to be true! Well, shockingly, it's not!

Anyway, this concealer is so great for a couple of reasons: It's very lightweight, so putting it on doesn't feel like you're applying a thick paste. It's hard to explain how light it feels, but it might have something to do with the fact that the first ingredient listed is water. No mineral oil or lanolin here... and that's good news.

Another good thing is that this concealer is somehow moisturizing without those irritating oils! Yup, that means no highlighting of dry skin patches! It smooths on pleasantly, and wears really well too... no caking or settling into fine lines. It's suitable for sensitive skin and non-comedogenic. That means you can use it on any acne-esque formations you may have with no negative effects. It's great for under-eye circles as well!

It comes in a fairly large tube (0.5 oz) for only $16.50! This stuff is such good quality, it makes me mad that I paid $28. for a tiny tube of Amazing Concealer, granted that did last me quite a long time.

If anyone is a Makeup-Alley member, feel free to check out the reviews here. If not, I'll just tell you, they got a 4.2 out of 5, which is pretty damn good.

I bought it in Beige, for my Light/Medium skin. It's available in two other shades (Sand, Light) as well. And since I love Ulta, you can test it out there, or order online!

Blue Q Lip Balm - Get Real - Lemons with Honey

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I'm on my natural product kick, and I like lemon scents... so upon seeing Blue Q's Get Real Lemon lip balm, I got remotely excited. Little did I know the disappointment that was about to ensue.

After purchasing, I tore open the packaging and tested the sucker out. Ugh. What is this? There was hardly any scent, except the faint odor of Honey flavored Airborne Lozenges. Now anyone who has tried Airborne lozenges knows that Honey is the most disgusting one. Unfortunately, this little baby ran me around, oh, $3 or $4. Not a bad price... if only the balm smelled pleasant.

The ingredients list starts off promising: Shea butter, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil... so far so good... then we get to Candelilla Wax. Maybe they used too much wax, because the product itself is very stiff and hard to manipulate. Frankly, it's like trying to use a small Airborne-scented candlestick as a lip balm!

The label says, "Loaded with good stuff". Well, I don't know about that. Maybe it is loaded with good stuff, and the good stuff has been binded together so hard that we can't spread it on our lips. That doesn't do us too much good then, does it?

Adorable packaging is the only plus here, but Blue Q uses the same style of packaging on their soaps and various other products, so I'd steer clear of the balm and opt for something else if you really like their packaging THAT much.

In regards to this lip balm, Blue Q, maybe you should "Get Real".
(Yes, I went there.)

SWAV Loves: ASOS dresses!

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ASOS is a brand that makes dresses in the styles of trendy celebrity fashion. They are based in the UK, I believe (correct me if I'm wrong), but they definitely do ship to the U.S., which is exciting! I was just browsing their website and I saw these beautiful dresses, so I figured, what the hell, why not post 'em!

The dresses (click images to enlarge) range from around $80 - $115, which isn't too bad really because they are gorgeous! I really like flowy chiffon type dresses because for the most part they are quite flattering on. Although flowy dresses are more associated with springtime wear, I can imagine these with a nice pair of tights and heels, or even some cute boots, since it is quite cold outside still.

Do you love it? Like it? Hate it? Let me know!

"FireBomb" Eye look!

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So tonight I was playing around with some eyeshadow looks and I found one that I thought was kinda cool. I gave it a name, just because.

FireBomb Eye look

Here's what I used:
  • Urban Decay Primer Potion
  • NYX Ultra Pearl Mania - "Penny Pearl"
  • L'Oreal HIP Bright Shadow Duo - "Showy" (the darker side)
  • Ulta Mineral Eyeshadow - "Gold"
  • Sally Girl Eyeshadow - "Snow"
  • MAC Fluidline - "Blacktrack"
  • NYX Candy Glitter Liner - "Disco Queen"
  • Jordana Easyliner for Eyes - "Blue Devine"
  • NYX Doll Eye Long Lash Mascara - "Black"
Comments, criticisms, suggestions, questions? Go ahead girls!

P.S. - Excuse my tired eye, I got up early this morning!

Jumeau Handbags by Andramine!

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A few days ago, I was contacted by Rebecca from Andramine urging me to check out their Jumeau line of handbags and purses! I wanted to share with you all the Jumeau line and explain a little bit about it... so here goes! :)

Jumeau (website under contruction) is a brand extension of Andramine, a company which makes high quality, durable bags (such as F-Stop, their line of camera carrying cases and accessories). The Jumeau line targets a more fashionable, yet practical clientele who want something casual and durable that they can use in everyday life. All of the handbags in Jumeau's collection fit the bill on this, as they are made from quality materials and contain a huge assortment of pockets and compartments for storage throughout.

In their Fall/Winter line, which is out now, they have four distinct collections that can appeal to every girl's needs. The "Now" Collection is a trendy, cutting edge line that features Jumeau's take on practicality and fashion rolled into one. The "Institution" Collection uses rip-stop super-durable fabric to roll function and style into one extremely durable set of bags. These would be great for moms on the go, students, or anyone that needs a bag that will perform well under pressure.

If you want function, form and durability, with a 'lil style thrown in too, definitely check these out! I've personally tried out Jumeau bags from the Institution Collection and I think they are very good quality, efficient bags. Even the little ones are loaded with pockets and there truly is a place for everything inside! I also like that the bags are available in various color combinations so you can personalize them a bit. I would most likely compare them to LeSportSac or Kipling bags in style and functionality.

Also, available are the Commando and Green collections. The "Commando" Collection is available in various new-age camoflauge shades and is great for an on the go urban lifestyle. The "Green" Collection is a play on society's organic trend, focusing on raw, natural materials, like organic cotton and bamboo. Most of the collections have different style bags that are available in your choice of color combinations. To view their entire catalog, click this pdf.

These bags are available for purchase through various internet sites (just Google it) or you can order directly from the toll-free number on the catalog (prices range from $55 to $229). Happy shopping, ladies!

Kiss and Tell!

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Happy Valentine's Day girls!!

I've decided to perpetuate the kissy-face stereotype of the holiday by sharing with you some of my favorite "dressy" lip looks! ;)

Now, normally I will just throw on a lip balm or a quick gloss... so these are my slightly-more-put-together looks that take a little bit more effort (not much though, lol). Take a look!

Here (on the right) is look #1, a neutral rose. I used NYX Lipliner in "Natural" and NYX Black Label Lipstick in "Dusty Rose".

Look #2 (to the left, to the left) is my super-bright red look, for which I used Jordana Lipliner in "Hot Pepper", L'Oreal in Colour Riche "British Red" and L'Oreal HIP Lip gloss in "Enticing".

Look #3 (last, but not least) is a glossy blue-based light pink. I used NYX Lipliner in "Barbie Pink", and layered Paul & Joe Lipgloss in "01" with Styli-Style Plastique in "Ultra Violet".

Let me know what you think and enjoy this lovely Hallmark holiday with someone special! :)

P.S. - Funny how my camera makes it look like my skin is three completely different tones!

Essentials Plus Mini-haul :)

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Bargain Finds

If any of you girls live in the NY/NJ area, you may be familiar with the Essentials Plus beauty stores. Well, I went to one today to check the pricing on their NYX eyeshadows (because, aside from CherryCulture.com, the lowest price in stores I've seen is $2.99) and I was floored when I discovered they had NYX Ultra Pearl Manias on display and in stock! I have never seen these in real live stores before!

I bought some off CherryCulture when I last ordered from them (Walnut, Ocean Blue, Turquoise, Yellow Gold, and Charcoal) for $0.99 each, but I had wished that I could see them in real life before buying. Essentials Plus had a whole bunch in stock, so after careful consideration, I bought Lilac, Penny, Lime and Fanta (click the image to enlarge). Can't wait to try these out! They were $1.99 each, which is not bad considering I got to see them in front of me and take them home right away, instead of waiting for shipping and relying on swatches for colors. I'm building up quite a collection, ehy? ;)

I also bought an L.A. Girl Mega Pearl Eyeshadow, just to test out the brand and see if I like it enough to go back for more. The color is called Sangria and is like a bright violet with silver shimmer. So the grand total for today's haul was under $13 for 5 shadows! Not bad if I do say so myself.

Anyway, if anyone is looking to see these live, in person, definitely check out your local Essentials!

SWAV Loves: on10 Hershey's Almond Lip Balm SPF 15

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I finally went to Sephora to check out the items I wanted to try out! (As mentioned in this post)

I couldn't find the Nvey ECO concealer anywhere, but I did see the on10 lip balms neatly arranged by the registers. After eager testing, I decided on the on10 Hershey's Almond Lip Balm ($9), which smells like delicious almond cookies. The scent does not really stay on lips too long, so you won't get sick of it or be excessively tempted to lick it off.

Also, this balm is made with organic extra virgin olive oil, other organic oils and natural materials. It slicks on as a slick balm, not as runny as one that would be petroleum based, and not as hard as one made of cocoa butter. Good texture and sheen, I'm really happy with this purchase! Love the cute tin... a definite good replacement for my Smith's Rosebud Salve (which I was never in love with anyway)!
Anyone else love this product?

Paint By Numbers - Creative Craft Store Finds!

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Bargain Finds

My grandmother once told me, there is no need to spend excessive money on makeup brushes, when you can buy brushes at an art supply store for about 1/3 the price. I shrugged off this statement, thinking that art brushes were too long and big to be portable in a makeup bag. Today I visited my local A.C. Moore and I was very pleased to find Royal & Langnickel's Compact Art Series. This collection features art products miniaturized and placed in a compact-disc style holder. Gimmicky? Maybe. But regardless, I purchased a good quality brush set (6 pc.) for only $2.99!!! I use Royal & Langnickel brushes with acrylic paints when I am feeling artsy, so I know that this brand doesn't make brushes that will fall apart on you. The brushes are quite small, good for applying lip liner or lipstick or (and this was my main intention) gel eyeliner. And for less than $3, you really can't go wrong here.

Also, I picked up some Loew Cornell Storage Cups (12 for $2.99) to place my de-jarred NYX Ultra Pearl Pigments. If you have NYX pigments that you haven't taken out of the original container yet, I highly recommend doing so... the twist off jar allows for too much spillage and therefore wastes your precious $0.99 product! Anyway, in moving the pigments, I found that the size of the cups and the size of the NYX jars are perfectly similar, leaving you just a little extra room. The cups are smaller and have a sealing tab lid instead of a twist off, so there is less chance for leakage. These would be great for putting glitters MAC Pigment samples in.

Do you have any craft store tricks or finds? Let me know!

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week - Trend Prediction for Fall 2008!

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MBgiant bag - Betsey JohnsonMBgiant bag - Badgley MISCHKAMBgiant bag - Philip LimMBgiant bag - DKNY
(Betsey Johnson, Badgley Mischka, Philip Lim, DKNY)

Mercedes Benz Fashion Week
has just concluded in NYC (Feb. 1-8). Among many, there have been two noticeable trends in the designer collections presented for Fall 2008. From searching the Fashion Week photo database, we took note of the use of large handbags and various styles of black gloves in many designer collections. (Click the photos to enlarge) These two fashion staples can be expected to be very hot this fall!

MBgloves - Nanette LeporeMBgloves - I&Oacute;DICEMBgloves - JAYSON BRUNSDONMBgloves - JOANNA MASTROIANNI
(Nanette Lepore, Iodice, Jayson Brunsdon, Joanna Mastroianni)

Would you rock the giant bag / black glove trend?