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AG's Canadian Celebrity Hair Awards!

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I received a press release from AG Hair Cosmetics today letting me know that hairstylists across Canada have chosen their top pics in AG Hair Cosmetics' 8th annual Best Canadian Celebrity Hair Awards!

The winners of AG’s 8th annual Best Canadian Celebrity Hair Awards are:

AG Hair Cosmetics Awards Top Photos

  • Sexiest Hair on a Canadian Actress: Sandra Oh
  • Sexiest Hair on a Canadian Actor: Scott Speedman

  • Best Hair on a Musician: Avril Lavigne

  • Most Interesting and Unique Hairstyle: Seth Rogan

  • Best Hair on a Canadian Athlete: Trish Stratus, WWE Professional Wrestler
A record-breaking 600 Canadian hairstylists voted in AG’s Best Canadian Celebrity Hair Awards — the highest participation in the award’s history. Voting took place online this winter. In addition to voting on the best Canadian hairstyles, AG’s artistic team offers tips on how to recreate the famous ‘dos at home. (Visit www.aghaircosmetics.com for step by steps, pictures and bios on the winning celebrities!)

Personally, I am never all too impressed with Sandra Oh's hair, but I don't really find her to be that attractive so maybe I'm not looking closely enough.

I think Scott Speedman does have a nice head of hair though (anyone used to be a Felicity fan?) and that Avril's recent polished locks are pretty decent looking. Seth Rogan's hair is interesting to say the least... but Trish Stratus's bleached blonde locks are less than impressive.

What do you think of the stylists picks? Let me know!


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