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Make It or Break It: Orange, Streaky Tan vs. Chipped Toe Polish!

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This week's "Make It or Break It" features two delightfully unpleasant fashion faux pas. In the poll we have the streaky, orange, fake tan versus chipped and cracked toenail polish! Which do you think is worse? Vote on, ladies and gents!


Personally, I think this is truly a toss up. The orange, streaky tan is pretty bad and could've certainly been avoided. In order to prevent the "Oompa Loompa" effect, one must follow these simple rules:
  • Do not apply self tanner without exfoliating properly first! The tanner will adhere more strongly to your dry patches of skin, leaving you blotchy and discolored.
  • Do not go too dark too fast if you are a novice! This is why they make gradual tanners. I recommend Olay's Touch Of Sun line! (If you can handle a "full strength tanner" I really like Famous Dave's Moisture Tan)
  • If you are really uneasy about sunless tanning, skip DIY, avoid the Mystic Tan, and head straight to an airbrush tanning professional. They will spray you from head to toe and give you tips along the way. It's goof-proof!
  • If you have a tanning accident, apply bronzer to cover missed areas or lemon juice to lighten up spots you've overapplied.
  • If it comes down to it, time will heal all wounds... including an Oompa Loompa look.

Now, mess up wise, fixing a chipped pedicure is A LOT easier. Which means that bad toe polish is almost less forgivable than an orange tan job. It's so ridiculously easy to remove your polish and apply a fresh coat... why would you not? Especially since sandal season is almost upon us! Please, ladies, keep your toes in check :)

Voted? Still unsure? Let me know what you think!

(On a side note, I've entered myself in the Smashbox: Are You The Next Beauty Guru? Contest! Please check out my entry and vote for me if you'd like!)


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