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Tagged: Beauty Advice from Mom!

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I have been tagged by Beauty Tyrant to share some of my Mom's beauty advices!

Well, let me start by saying that my mom is not a skincare or makeup lover the way that I am. For example, she buys treatment serums but uses them once a week or "when she remembers" instead of using them every day as part of a regimen. Oftentimes, she asks me for advice instead of dispensing her own!

Regardless, she has given me some good advice regarding skincare in the past, so here are a few gems for your enjoyment:

1) Don't use too many products at once, you aren't a lab experiment!
I must say, this advice is very important. I find that whenever I try to use too many product or too many different products, my skin freaks out and leaves me looking a mess. But then, at the same time, I love trying out new stuff so I suppose I don't listen as much as I should!

2) Exercise regularly and get enough sleep.
This advice is essential to healthy skin and overall healthy bodies. Unfortunately, I don't follow it as much as I'd like! I am a night owl so I love staying up late!

Any beauty advice from your mom? Do you have any words of wisdom regarding beauty that you would pass down to your children? Let me know!


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