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SWAV Loves: Eclipse Spa 'Sexy Men' Products!

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Oh my gosh. From the moment this package arrived, I knew I was in for a treat! Eclipse Spa sent over some samples for me to review and I must say, I was highly impressed. The products they sent over were from their Men's line of soaps and lotions, called "Sexy Men". Although it was targeted to men, I could not stop smelling this box of goodies... it just smelled so refreshing and natural and good! Like a woodsy, comforting, fresh scent. Mmm.

I recruited the boyfriend and headed to work testing all these fabulous potions. First, he tested out their "Woody Soap" which is an organic, all-natural, handmade soap made with cold-pressed olive oil and herbs. The soaps themselves come in a paper wrapper with a little explanation of the product, and they are cut into bars so that one edge is still rough and "natural" looking. They aren't girly or frilly looking at all. The "Woody" soap was practically bursting with delicious smelling cedarwood and fir needle oils that just so happen to be antimicrobial and deodorizing. Well, the deodorizing part was great because he was sweating a lot that day!

The natural ingredients used in the soap have traditionally been used to relieve joint and muscle pain. This was also nice, because he helped my parents move out some heavy furniture beforehand. He told me he liked the scent of this soap and that it lathered up quite nicely in the shower. He liked the roughness of the bar itself, which has scrubbies (perhaps sea salt or cedar bits) in it to help exfoliate your skin.

After testing out the soap, the boyfriend also tried out Eclipse Spa's Energy Lotion for Men, which is a fantastic concoction of natural and organic plant oils and extracts. Oh my gosh, it smelled amazing. This product also contains a natural sunscreen (SPF 18), which is awesome for day-to-day wear out in the sun. The lotion can be used on both your face and body, and is loaded with mandarin, tangerine, and peppermint essential oils that smell fresh and vibrant. Instead of being strong and manly, the lotion has more of a natural, fresh, and minty smell that I, personally, adore. I would love to smell this on a guy. I actually kept the lotion for myself!

I also tried out the "Eucalyptus Sandalwood" Soap, which is antibacterial, antiviral, balancing, and grounding. The scent was strongly minty (probably the Eucalyptus) and fresh, but also welcoming and warm. The lather felt soft and excellent on my skin, and the bar was VERY exfoliating... there were little bits in there that felt almost like sandpaper on my skin. It may have even been a bit too exfoliating on my skin if I had scrubbed hard enough. But I'm a delicate flower, and this is a "Manly Man" soap! I'm sure it gets all the dirt and sweat and dead skin off, without a doubt. I know I felt super-squeaky-clean afterwards! No wonder my boyfriend loved its gritty texture.

If you are looking for a soap or a lotion that both you and your boyfriend can share, I highly recommend looking into the Eclipse Spa line. These products have an extremely pleasant unisex vibe and amazing fragrances that aren't too girly, or excessively macho either. They are just wonderful. These are a great gift idea for the man in your life (Dad, Boyfriend, Hubby), as well.

Check out these products and more at EclipseSpa.com!


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