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Ali Lohan: Breast Implants or No?

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So, the talk of the town this week is Ali Lohan, Lindsay Lohan's younger sister. And the question on everyone's lips: Has Ali Lohan had a "boob job"?

Has Ali Lohan Had a Boob Job?

As we all know, this wouldn't be the first time the rumor mill has fired off questions about breast implants. See: Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, Lindsay Lohan, etc. Now, granted, Ali Lohan is 14 years old! I don't think she got implants. I don't know what surgeon would give a 14-year-old breast implants! And, as her older sis said, Mama Lohan "would never encourage or allow a 14-year-old child to alter her body."

In spite of my feelings toward the Lohans, I, personally, have no problem with any form of plastic surgery once you are appropriately of age. I think as long as you have the money and desire to do so, you should enhance your body however you see fit. Just make sure that you see a board-certified plastic surgeon and take into consideration safety aspects as well as the physical and emotional results of the surgery at hand.

In general, I think making such a decision to alter your body does definitely require a lot of planning and research, but the results can be astounding. Just for breast implants alone, there are many choices to be decided upon -- such as, what type of implants are you considering? Aside from a breast augmentation procedure, there are many other amazing ways that we can change the way we look. Just take a look at these amazing before and after photos!

What do you think about plastic surgery? Would you ever get a little nip and tuck?

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slacker chic said...
August 16, 2008 at 1:35 PM  

I don't know if I think she had them done or not, but I do know this chick looks WAY too old for her age. Like a 45 yr old who has liven one tough life. She definetely needs to just say no to the foundation, liner, blush, ect, and embrace a more natural look. She's only 14 after all!
Also, love the new look of your site. Looks great!

Decorative Diva said...
August 17, 2008 at 12:19 AM  

I doubt that she's gotten implants at 14. She's not finished growing yet so it just wouldn't make sense for her.

I think that plastic surgery is fine for people who want it.

I've thought about getting a breast reduction or a breast lift because I'm well-endowed (a 34DD).

Lydia said...
August 21, 2008 at 12:25 AM  

I have no problem with plastic surgery! I would get it someday maybe :)

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