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Estee Lauder Maximum Cover Review

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Estee Lauder Maximum Cover is a concealer/foundation that has been around quite a while. I have heard good things about this product so I decided to check it out at Lord and Taylor one day. I purchased it in "Creamy Vanilla" and was on my way. For the first day, I was thrilled with this product. It lived up to all of its claims and completely covered any flaws I was currently having. It was fragrance free, nontransferable, had an SPF of 15, and you only needed the tiniest amount -- it was just perfect.

However, the next day I noticed that with all that coverage, came extreme pore-clogging. Now, the tube says "non-acnegenic", not "non-comedogenic" so ok it won't cause acne, but it will clog up your pores and cause whiteheads and painful bumps that take weeks to go away... aka "acne". Awesome.

I took this product back ASAP. My boyfriend says I love to return things because I do it so often, but I mean come on... why keep something that doesn't work for you!? It only made sense to take it back. The saleslady proceeded to tell me that it did not suit my skin type at all and give me a 10-day sample of Estee Lauder Individualist (which was ok, but I am off liquid foundations again anyway).

I feel bad saying negative things about this product because for the short time that my skin could handle it, my face looked pretty damn good. So, if you have a tattoo, birthmark, scar, or other non-acne-related flaw you would like to cover up... PLEASE buy this product. But only if your skin is not sensitive or breakout prone. If you have even the slightest inkling of breakouts in your past, this baby is a no-no.

I am now just back to using my CoverBlend concealer with mineral foundation. Works for me!

What is your favorite full-coverage foundation?

Got any opinions on Estee Lauder's assortment?

Leave a comment and let me know!


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