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SpazzStick Lip Balm Giveaway! (8/9/08 - 8/16/08)

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SpazzStick is a revolutionary new product that combines the jolt of your morning-pick-me-up caffeinated beverage with the soothing properties of a vegetarian lip balm! That's right, a caffeinated lip balm, and the first of its kind!

SpazzStick comes in four delicious flavors: Mint, Orange Cream, Chocolate Cake, and my favorite -- Vanilla Toffee. I swear, Vanilla Toffee smells just like butterscotch pudding, yum!

So, you're interested in having your very own SpazzStick lip balm? Well, you could (and should) head over to SpazzStick.com to check out the details on this Alaskan treasure. Then, you could (and should!) buy whatever flavors you'd like online.

But, if you just wanna try SpazzStick first -- that's where I come in. This week's giveaway is a delicious, and perky, prize of four SpazzSticks, one of each flavor. But, this time you're in luck, because there will be four winners as well! Four flavors, four winners :)

How to participate:
Just fill out this form to participate. I will not be sharing your information with anyone, so no worries.

Standard Disclaimer: This giveaway is limited to U.S. participants only. All complete entries, via the form, are valid until the closing of the contest, at 12:00 AM on 8/17/2008. Multiple entries under the same name/e-mail do not increase your chance of winning. One winner will be selected at random at the date of the contest closing. If the winner, chosen at random, does not respond to my e-mail by one week after the contest closing, another winner will be chosen!

Good Luck!


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