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Celebrity Crave: Kim Kardashian's Eyelashes!

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Celebrity Crave

Here is a candid shot of Kim Kardashian at Coco Deville Nightclub. I am completely in awe at the amazing-ness that is this girl's eyelashes. I mean, come on. Her eyelashes must not be really that long, right? Does Kim have eyelash extensions?

Kim Kardashian's Eyelashes

What do you think? They look so natural! But they could be fake, I guess. If not, those are some awesome lashes. Maybe Kim wears individual false lashes, and/or fiber enhanced mascara.

For long lashes, well, as long as mine will let them naturally go without falsies, I like to use NYX Doll Eye Mascara or Imju Fiberwig.

What are your favorite long lash tricks? Let me know!

Image Credits:
Celebutopia Forum - User "Terminator"


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