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Neutrogena Healthy Volume Mascara Review!

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Neutrogena's new Healthy Volume Mascara promises 400% Fuller Lashes with the slogan, "Don't just coat your lashes, build them from the inside out". How does Neutrogena claim to accomplish this seemingly outlandish goal of quadrupling the size of your lashes? Easy... with a little help from good old-fashioned Olive Oil and of course, our dear friend, Almond Oil.

I recently purchased this mascara in "Rich Black" from Target (also $7.99 at Drugstore.com), mostly because of my affinity for all things almond. I was pleasantly surprised by the formula, which looked natural, but better. Does it really get your lashes 4x more voluminous? Perhaps over time, as the oils ARE supposed to be good for your lashes. Other than that, this just looks like any other Neutrogena mascara. It has an oversized wand, no offensive or noticeable scent, and it wears very well... depending on your skin type.

The reason I say "depending" is that you need to make sure make sure you don't put any sort of oils or oil like products on your lash area before applying. This may sound like common sense but... hey... I had an incident. If you follow this one simple rule, Neutrogena's mascara will not smear, flake, or cause you any problem relating to wearing off. Also, if your skin or your eyelids get super oily/sweaty, this product might smudge a little bit under your eye area after a few hours, just because it's not waterproof.

If you don't have any of these issues and your face will be staying dry, this mascara will work for you! When it comes time for removal, any eye-makeup remover will do the trick.

All in all, I'm torn. If you are looking for a daytime, natural looking mascara that won't budge on your normal to dry skin, check this out! If you like to use oils to moisturize or naturally produce a lot of oil, you might wanna steer clear of Neutrogena's Healthy Volume Mascara.

Vanessa said...
April 8, 2008 at 7:17 PM  

OOH! I gotta try that one! Haha yeah the cow humidifer is awesome! It's so dry in my place I can't even open my lids in the morning since they are stuck to my eyeballs! LOL.

Shop With A Vengeance! said...
April 8, 2008 at 7:48 PM  

Yeah, it's pretty good :)

I can't deal with the dry air either... I am a mouth breather when I sleep so I wake up with a dry mouth like rasping for air. Haha, the cow is so cute though!

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