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Magic Of Makeup: Cameron Diaz!

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Magic Of Makeup

I am adding another new weekly installment to my blog! This one is called "Magic Of Makeup" and will feature a celebrity with and without makeup, leaving you to judge which you prefer! Also, these will include a little featurette of a mini makeup recreation as well.

My reason for adding this new topic is simple: Not only will this add for some interaction around the blog, but it will also add some joy to your week. Why, you ask? Because it is always nice to know that celebrities don't look amazing 24/7. Call it cynical, petty, or jealous behavior, but you know its true! Nothing puts a smile on your face more than knowing that gorgeous celebrity is oh, a little less than gorgeous in real life. So... without further ado...

This week's Magic Of Makeup Contestant is the lovely Cameron Diaz!

Cameron Diaz Without Makeup - With Makeup

To get Cameron's lovely "With Makeup" Lip look, try a deep nude/rose shade, such as L'Oreal's Colour Riche Lipgloss in 'Rich Nude' or 'Rich Rose', which retail for about $7. each at drugstores nationwide!

Any thoughts on Cameron, or on my new topic, let me know!


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