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Nikkel Microdermx Microdermabrasion Review!

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I was recently given the opportunity to test out Microdermx, a medical-grade microdermabrasion product from Nikkel Holistic Skincare. Unlike many other at-home microdermabrasion products, Nikkel's Microdermx uses medical grade corundrum crystals with concentrated amounts of natural botanicals, nutrients, and active enzymes to exfoliate and pamper your skin. It is a completely safe, natural, and affordable alternative to microdermabrasion treatments at a doctor's office or salon.


Although I do not have a lot of experience with microdermabrasion products or treatments, I found this product very easy to use and very effective. Microdermx comes in two formulas, Step One and Step Two. Step One is the microdermabrasion corundum crystal formula, which has a light and pleasant lemony floral fragrance. Using this product, you can actually see your dead skin cells sloughing off, so you know it is working! I thought it was really cool how you can actually see the process as it is going on. After you are done, you just apply Step Two to replenish and moisturize your skin. I have been using it just as a regular facial lotion as well on my acne-prone skin, and it hasn't broken me out at all. In fact, I've already noticed slight benefits to my skin after using this system only once!

Microdermx contains no synthetic or chemical additives, such as parabens, minerals oil, or propylene glycol. It claims to even skin tone, diminish pores, fade wrinkles, fine lines, acne scars, and brown spots... and although that is a tall order, I find it believable because I think it is truly a spectacular product that I will certainly continue using. Even on my skin, which can be sensitive at times, this product did not irritate or cause any breakouts. I was impressed!

Microdermx Process

I have illustrated the process to show everyone how cool this product is! In the first photo, I applied a dab of Step One to the back of my hand. When doing your face, in order to be most effective, you are supposed to work in sections. Then, you are supposed to rub in the product (as shown in photo 2) until the lotion portion absorbs mainly and you can feel the grainy corundum crystals exfoliating. Keep rubbing the product until you see these "balled up" pills of dead skin cells mixed with the crystals. See photo 3. Gross, right?! But really awesome at the same time!

After you see the pills of skin balling up, wash the product off and apply Step Two to replenish. As with any microdermabrasion process, you are not supposed to apply your regular treatments or lotions as your skin is highly sensitive at this point. I found Step Two to be very healing and soothing on my skin, with no clogged pores or problems because of it.

Microdermx can be purchased off the Nikkel Holistic Skincare website at http://www.microdermx.com. The two step process can be purchased for $79, and since you only use a small dab each time, it's quite a deal!

Enjoy and stay beautiful :)


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