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Reader Feedback: Why does my Liquid Foundation change colors?

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For my first reader question, I will be answering this gem by reader Apple:

"Sometimes my liquid foundation becomes lighter or darker than my face. What's the deal?"

Shop With a Vengeance Response:

Hi Apple! I believe this phenomenon you speak of is called "oxidation". There are many theories on why it occurs, and to be honest I'm not 100% sure as to the reason. In researching, I have found that it can happen because of changes that occur within the foundation after it touches and mingles with the air, oils, or the acidity of your skin.

There are many theories on what happens when your foundation changes color, one of which claims that the oils on your skin will intensify pigments in the foundation. So, if you are noticing that the foundation changes color well into the day, perhaps this is occuring.

Another theory claims that liquid foundation, when exposed to air, begins to break down. If you think about it, if you look at an old bottle of foundation that has been opened and closed a lot, it tends to appear broken up and discolored. So, that kind of makes sense.

The acidity theory I'm not really too sure on, but apparently if your skin has a more acidic pH than most other skins, you could find your foundation oxidizing a bit more often.

Back when I used liquid foundations, I found that L'Oreal's True Match Liquid Foundation would turn orange on me within a few hours, whereas Revlon's Colorstay would never change color. Some foundation formulas now will claim to have anti-oxidizing agents, so that this color change can be prevented. All in all, if your foundation is consistantly doing this to you, I'd suggest getting a new foundation!

I hope that helped somewhat!

Apple said...
July 15, 2008 at 6:17 AM  

Oh, wow! I've been featured, err sort of! Thanks. I kinda think it's the reaction of the foundation's ingredients with my sebum. :| I'm using Maybelline Aqua Gel and David Scott (a canadian MMU brand) Oil-Free. But yeah, I'm still in search for the perfect liquid foundation that is 100% oil-free! :D I know my face is oily and I should use powder. But I like the liquid one's coverage on my face, makes me look glowing while powder turns my face subdued.

By the way, I never got an e-mail re: Dentaburst.

Thanks again.


Nicole said...
July 15, 2008 at 11:34 PM  

Oh no! I'm sure I emailed you but perhaps it was filed away due to spam? Or maybe I typed the wrong addy? I will resend :)

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