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Singing the Praises of Vitamin E Oil!

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So after my recent run in with dry patches and flaky skin, I simplified my skincare regimen and began using pure Vitamin E Oil on the areas in hopes that they would heal. I have written my results in the form of a letter :)

Dear Vitamin E Oil,

Oh, pure Vitamin E Oil; gentle, moisturizing, nutrient rich and just fantastic. Sure, you may be in a little bottle, be a little sticky, and smell a little funny... but Vitamin E Oil, you're the one for me.

I was so lost without you. My skin was very upset, dry, red and peeling... and you were there for me when other moisturizers let me down. I put you around my flaky eyes and mouth, and you just went right to work. More effective than Glycerin and Aloe, and even Vaseline... I don't know how you did it but you got me back to normal, and I can't thank you enough.

I know you say you are an antioxidant and scar fader, but I just couldn't believe how well you moisturized. Now, I know I can't use you every day... because my pores will clog and you might break me out. But I'm okay with this occasional fling we have.

Unfortunately, It's time for me to be moving on now... but I will never forget you. I'll keep your little bottle around always, just in case.

<3>If you're having a skin emergency like I was... Vitamin E Oil is your friend!


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