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SWAV Loves: Weleda Almond Intensive Facial Cream

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This cream rocks. I have been using it for over a week now (with my normal skincare routine of my sulfur soap, 10% benzoyl peroxide, almond oil, and L'Oreal Skin Genesis Eye Serum -- which I'll be reporting on soon) and I am definitely seeing positive results! No major breakouts or dry areas, and my skin just feels good. I even used this on the rest of my face while I was having that dry/irritated skin issue with no bad reactions or problems. I wanted to wait a little while to review it though, so I could make sure that I wouldn't have to retract any good or bad things I might have to say.

This product is a bit pricey for it's size, but a little goes a long way! The price is most likely due to the good quality of the ingredients, so I can't really blame them. I got mine at Walgreens for around $20/1oz. Weleda's website is very user-friendly as well, as they give you a list of ingredients in each product and will link off to explanations of what each item in the list is. I love the fact that this Almond Cream it is natural and there are only a few ingrediants, instead of a big list of chemicals I can't pronounce.

The ingredients are as follows:
Water, Sweet Almond Oil, Glyceryl Stearate SE (a compound of glycerin derived from plants that serves as an emulsifier), Alcohol (gluten-free, to preserve botanicals), Hydrolysed Beeswax, Plum Oil, Glyercin, Xanthan Gum (serves as a stabilizer), Lactic Acid

It smells very faintly of almonds and is very pleasant to apply. Weleda's cream is very rich and smoothes on easily. It is supposed to be for dry or sensitive skin, so my sensitive combo skin just drinks it up! Best of all, it doesn't just sit there greasily like other moisturizers can... it actually soaks in and hydrates! With this and almond oil, no more dry patches and no more oil slick. Weleda offers various other products (and even their own Sweet Almond Oil as well) that should be great to try out as well!

Yes, the tube is small, but there are too many good things about this product for me to be picky. It's just fantastic.


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