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Dermacia Breathable Foundation Review

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Yes, I saw the infomercials. But no, I never even once though to buy this until it was staring me in the face at CVS for $18.99 plus $3 off. I frantically called home, hoping someone could check MakeupAlley for me to see the ratings... no answer. Without an iPhone, I was forced to choose alone! I bought Dermacia's "Breathable Foundation" in Beige and tested it out when I got home.

So, the color match seemed ok for something I couldn't test out. It was only slightly dark and seemed to blend in pretty well. It felt good on my skin, even though it was a little thick. What I didn't understand though was why it felt thick if it was not fully covering my problem areas (redness around my nose, blemishes, etc)! So, even though it felt light, it wasn't full coverage as I had hoped. I dusted some Milani Mineral Makeup over it to set.

I am pretty disappointed that this isn't a miracle product. Although, to Dermacia's credit, it didn't highlight pores, sink into them, or cause any immediate skin problems. It's just a basic light foundation with coverage thats only a little bit greater than a tinted moisturizer. Not worth the price if you really wanted more coverage. Also, I don't know if this foundation is the product that claimed to not rub off... but yeah, I tested it by rubbing my face lightly on a sheet of white paper about 2 hours after putting it on. My skin had remotely oiled up by then, and streaks came off on the paper where I had rubbed. Lies!

If your skin is near perfect already, you might wanna give this a chance, but obviously you wouldn't need to. Back to CVS it went.

I am now trying a sample of Shiseido SPF42 Liquid Foundation PA+++ and it seems to be good stuff! More on that later though ;)

ChicGurl said...
March 31, 2008 at 2:02 AM  

I really enjoyed your post. I can totally relate...I'm a fellow product junkie. Anyway, you have real pizazz and personality. I like the layout of your blog, too!

Shop With A Vengeance! said...
April 8, 2008 at 9:20 PM  

Thank you chicgurl! I appreciate you coming by :)

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