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Celebrity Crave: Rihanna Eats KFC and Wears Rocker Jewelry

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Celebrity Crave

Product placement anyone? Here we have Rihanna dressed edgily-as-ever at a KFC restaurant. Check out those heavy-metal accessories! Seeing these pictures makes my inner punk chick squeal with delight. Well, if punk chicks did that. But they probably don't. So, instead, in the words of Rachel Zoe, "I die!"

Actually, I don't know about the whole outfit. I am a little skeptical on that skirt, and the hat. Mainly, it is the skirt that concerns me. It looks very 90's, and we all know the 90's were a time of frightening fashion. Then again, Halloween is coming! Maybe Ri-Ri was getting a Warriors costume together!

Wanna get the Rihanna-turned-rocker look for yourself? Check out these fiesty picks:
Rihanna's Accessories

What do you think? Like her look?

Would you wear it?

Image Credits:
Terminator @ Celebutopia Forum


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