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Target Haul - NP Set by Napoleon Perdis!

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Tonight at Target I hauled a few new goodies, including a cute hoodie (can't beat $22), Pure & Natural hand soap, and some facial buff puffs.

Most excitingly though, I snatched up NP Set's Pasarella Powder Foundation (in Light)... which is simply amazing. I wasn't even looking for a new powder foundation when I found this little baby. I swatched the tester and applied it sparingly to a blemished area that was troubling me. Under the fluorescent Target makeup test area, which is new by the way, I expected to see a very unattractive face in the mirror. I was shocked to see this foundation had smoothed over my blemish without highlighting any flakiness, and without looking caked on. It even appeared about 80% concealed. It was a miracle!!!

NP Set Pasarella Powder Foundation comes in a cute white compact that has a separate area to hold the powder puff it comes with. I prefer applying my powder foundation with a Kabuki brush, but for a quick touch up, this puff isn't so bad. There are some cute star designs on the powder itself. The powder is layerable, so you can get medium to maximum coverage. This is awesome on all skin types because it does not highlight dry areas, and it seems to moderately soak up oil. Apparently, there is shea butter and pomegranate in here as well to moisturize and deliver antioxidants. Score!

Anyway, considering I bought this foundation quite recently, I know it isn't quite fair to review it without giving it a little time to see how my skin likes it. That being said, I like it so far. The $30 price tag is definite steep for the discriminating drugstore shopper... but if you are a drugstore/cosmetics counter drifter like myself, it could certainly be worth the price.

My only concern is that the NP Set line could be a flop entirely and then Target will be getting rid of it. But, if that happened, I could just stock up at a discounted price! So, no biggie.

Give it a shot :)

Check out NP Set by Napoleon Perdis at Target.com or at your local Target store!


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