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Fashion Report: Evan Rachel Wood

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Fashion Report

Egad. I like Evan Rachel Wood, really I do. Particulary in Across The Universe where she is blonde and free-spirited and youthful.

Here, she looks about 45 years old, and seems to be channeling her inner Dita, which really isn't working for Evan. The 1940's style frock could be cute if it didn't look so damn Goth that it makes me think the girl is going to jump out of the screen and suck my blood. Maybe if she wasn't so pale with that dark hair and perhaps accessorized a bit more boldly.

This whole outfit and style is a huge no-no for me, so my first negative rating will go to Ms. Wood, for this travesty.

One star! I would give it less if I could, but I don't like being mean ;)


What do you think of Evan?

Image Credits:
Celebutopia Forum - User "Terminator"


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