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Review: Eucerin Calming Body Wash Daily Shower Oil

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Skincare Reviews

As part of my haul yesterday, I picked up Eucerin's new Calming Body Wash Daily Shower Oil. This product claims to "Gently cleanse with a mild lather while natural omega oils soothe and protect" and that it is "Clinically proven effective for dry, itchy skin".

I saw this product in a magazine a few months back and I've been dying to try it! I must say, it was sliiiightly disappointing. Granted, I don't have really dry, itchy skin, but this product to me fell a little short than I had hoped for. Essentially, it is an oil that lightly foams into a creamy lather when wet. It is a little difficult to operate in the shower because it gets so slippery, and you need quite a bit to cover large surface areas (ie. your body). I did like the fact that it was fragrance free; a very important factor in my book. That being said, it sort of has a light, earthy fragrance that is likely attributed to the Soybean Oil (ingredient number one) it contains.

This product falls under the category of Cetaphil for me: great for really sensitive skin -- but I don't feel like it really cleansed all so well. HOWEVER, all hope was not lost! After abandoning this as a cleanser, I decided to use it as a shave gel. GREAT IDEA! It worked wonders! My skin feels smooth and supple, and it allowed me to actually see what I was shaving since there is just a light lather. I will definitely be using this as my shave gel, er... oil, for now on.


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