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Keeping Your Eyes in Tip-Top Shape!

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A lot of people take their vision for granted! My grandma just went to the eye doctor for cataract surgery in one eye. She is doing great and says that her eyesight has dramatically improved. For the mean time, she is putting in a ton of eye drops daily. She reads and watches TV a lot so she has various glasses to do those things, but now I'm sure she can pair down how many she needs. My mom wears prescription glasses, and my dad wears reading glasses. I don't have any issues with my eyesight as of yet, thank God!

As we all know, prescription glasses can be quite pricey and if your eye problem is one that could get worse with time, they seem rather counter-productive. If you feel uncomfortable wearing glasses, contacts can be an added frustration when they feel as if they are going to dry out, or if one falls out and gets lost.

I was looking in to it, and there are some ways to strengthen your eyesight naturally. There are these cool looking things that are called pinhole glasses, which are a safe and natural way of relaxing and training your eyes. These pinhole eyeglasses are also known as "stenopeic glasses" and work by allowing only a very narrow beam of light to enter the eye, reducing the eye strain and increasing depth of field. Sounds pretty intriguing right?

The best part is that pinhole glasses are super-affordable, as most are sold for under $20. Just for wearing around the house, these are perfect. They look sort of like sunglasses if you wear them out, although they are not supposed to be worn while driving. They kind of remind me of those trendy shutter shades, but they are actually a lot more functional!

What do you think of pinhole glasses? Would you try 'em?


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